Re: Blast sparks Sri Lanka air raids Tuesday, Oct 17 2006 

Regarding news articles from BBC, Reuters, and Yahoo News: Blast sparks Sri Lanka air raids, Sri Lanka says committed to talks with Tiger rebels, Sri Lanka’s bloodiest suicide bombing kills 103 people respectively.

To: [email protected]; [email protected]; Reuters Feedback; Yahoo News Discuss; AFP Concact

Date: 2006/10/17 @ 3:30 PM [GMT -5]

Dear Sirs:

I have read the news, Blast sparks Sri Lanka air raids, or Sri Lanka says committed to talks with Tiger rebels, or Sri Lanka’s bloodiest suicide bombing kills 103 people, on your website. I was shocked to find that you have noted as “people”, while it was infact Sri Lankan Navy personnel. I do not know the intention of the twisted fact, but this is not the way I would expect a prominent news media to report. Even the photos taken at the scene of the incident clearly shows the weapons.

Even many Sri Lankan state supportive news medias were moderate enough to report the fact. Moreover CNN reported as “… killed dozens of navy sailors …“. In addition, I have provided many links below to the sources of the same news, which reports as “Navy sailors” instead of “people”, which appear as civilians. I always think your service is unbiased, but it seems like your reporters may not be. I hope to see non-twisted truths in the future reportings.

I have also archived this letter in my web blog at Re: Blast sparks Sri Lanka air raids.

Security personnel collect the weapons of sailors killed in a suicide bomb attack carried out by suspected Tamil Tiger rebels in the north-eastern Sri lankan town of Habarana. Soldiers examine the remains of a truck used by suspected Tamil Tiger rebels to stage a suicide attack against busloads of sailors in the north-eastern town of Habarana.Sri Lankan sailors remove bloodied military equipment from the wreckage of buses in Habarana after the island's worst-ever suicide bombing.Sri Lankan sailors remove bloodied military equipment from the wreckage of buses in Habarana.Removing military weapons from Navy convoy, which was attaced by LTTEThe worsening cycle of violence in Sri Lanka, where Tamil Tiger rebels this week launched their bloodiest-ever suicide attack, is a sign that neither side in the brutal ethnic conflict is ready to sit down for talks slated for next week, analysts said.A helmet and a shirt of a soldier are seen among the debris at the site of a suicide explosion near Dambulla, about 150 kilometers (90 miles) northeast of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Monday, Oct. 16, 2006. Tamil tiger rebels rammed a truck loaded with explosives into a convoy of military buses, killing at least 92 sailors and wounding 150 others, the military said, in one of the deadliest rebel attacks since the 2002 cease-fire.Security personnel collect the weapons of sailors killed in a suicide bomb attack carried out by suspected Tamil Tiger rebels in the north-eastern Sri Lankan town of Habarana, in the Trincomalee district October 16, 2006.Security personnel collect the weapons of sailors killed in a suicide bomb attack carried out by suspected Tamil Tiger rebels in the north-eastern Sri Lankan town of Habarana, in the Trincomalee district October 16, 2006.Guns are seen on the foreground at the site of a suicide explosion near Dambulla, about 150 kilometers (90 miles) northeast of Colombo, Sri Lanka on Monday, Oct. 16, 2006. Tamil tiger rebels rammed a truck loaded with explosives into a convoy of military buses, killing at least 92 sailors and wounding 150 others, the military said, in one of the deadliest rebel attacks since the 2002 cease-fire.A boot of a soldier is seen among the debris at the site of a suicide explosion near Dambulla, about 150 kilometers (90 miles) northeast of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Monday, Oct. 16, 2006. Tamil tiger rebels rammed a truck loaded with explosives into a convoy of military buses, killing at least 92 sailors and wounding 150 others, the military said, in one of the deadliest rebel attacks since the 2002 cease-fire.

* Pictures are taken from

UN Secretary General Koffi Annan’s Offical Statement
Death toll of the suicide attack goes over 100 as Koffi Annan calls it most “Apalling”
Issuing a statement in New York, the Secretary General of the United Nations Koffi Annan’s office said, “The Secretary-General is alarmed by the upsurge of violence in Sri Lanka in the past several months, including today’s appalling suicide bombing of a convoy of military buses. The Secretary-General deplores the escalation of violence. ”

Sri Lanka’s National Television
LTTE terrorists rammed the naval convoy at Digampataha in Habarana with an explosive laden vehicle at around 1.45p.m today killing 92 …
“The naval convoy comprising 24 buses were at the Digampataha rendezvous point at the time of the attack. The location has been used by the navy. Over 340 unarmed naval personnel who were both going on leave and reporting back to duties were believed to be present at the location. The naval sources further said that 13 buses have also been severely damaged in the explosion.”

Some optimism for Sri Lankan peace despite rebel blast killing 95 sailors
“Tamil Tiger suicide bombing killed at least 95 sailors one of the deadliest attacks in more than 20 years of fighting on the tropical island.”

Tigers unleash highnoon horror
“A suspected LTTE truck bomber rammed into a navy convoy killing 94 unarmed sailors and injuring 116 others at a troop’s transit point at Digampathaha in Habarana yesterday afternoon.”

LTTE suicide bomber kills 72 sailors, injures 70
“An LTTE suicide cadre driving a truck loaded with explosives, ploughed into a group of Naval personnel gathered to board buses at Diganpathana, in Habarana yesterday and triggered off an explosion killing 72 and injuring over 70.”

Nearly 100 sailors killed in LTTE suicide attack
“An explosives-laden Canter truck from the direction of Dambulla exploded targeting those unarmed sailors going on leave and reporting for duty around 1.30 pm,” a senior Navy officer told the Daily News.

LTTE suicidal vehicle attacks the Naval convoy – Habarana
“The naval convoy comprising 15 buses were parked at the Diagmpatana rendezvous point at the time of the attack. Over 150 unarmed naval personnel who were going on leave were believed to be present at the location.”

Suicide attack on Navy convoy, 98 killed 116 injured
“Ninety eight naval personnel were killed when LTTE suicide cadres rammed an explosive laden Canter lorry into a convoy of buses transporting Navy men at Diganpathana on the Dambulla-Habarana road around 1.45 this afternoon.”

Tigers unleash high noon horror
““The victims were unarmed sailors, some going home on vacation and the others returning for duty,” military spokesman Prasad Samarasinghe said.”

92 navy men killed; Over 150 injured and 13 vehicles damaged at Habarana
“92 naval personnel were killed and over 150 were injured when tiger terrorists rammed a vehicle full of explosives on a convoy of vehicles carrying naval troops.”

Bomb blast on SLN vehicles, 70 killed
“A lorry laden with explosives rammed into 15 Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) vehicles and buses with more than 150 SLN troopers, at Digampatana in Habarana, 80 km southwest of Trincomalee, killing at least 70 troopers, Sri Lanka military sources in Colombo said.”

Sri Lanka retaliates with air strikes after suicide attack kills 102 sailors
“The Sri Lanka Air Force struck two identified LTTE sea bases in Mullaitivu and a LTTE military camp in Mankulam this morning after a suicide attack on a Sri Lanka Navy convoy killed over 100 unarmed sailors yesterday.”


Re: Contact-Us Feedback from Thenkoodu.Com Wednesday, Sep 13 2006 

To:   [email protected]

Dated:  2006/09/13 09:54 PM (GMT -5)

Dear Thenkoodu Team,

If you cannot add my blog to the automatic aggregation, since my blog [would] contain English articles, then please do add my blog in your blog directory.  I honestly do not know which category to recommend you to list my blog under.  So please do so at your choice.

That’s being said aside, as you acknowledge that I sent you a second email dated August 6th I also sent numerous notes at the place where my blog said “Deferred” in you web page.  It is where I found out my blog was “Deferred” under “கட்டளையகம்“.  So it may not be technically emails sent from my email account to yours, but I did sent an email from my email account as well as numerous “notes” from your website.

On your email dated September 03rd you have mentioned “As we have informed earlier in our mail (dated 13th), your blog received complaints on the category such as promoting hate.”  I would like to point out that in your email dated 13th you did not mention anything about that you received complaints and that is why its being deferred.  I am also attaching your email in Annex I [bloggers:  please see at the bottom of my first post for the email at தேன்கூடு – ஏன் என்னை தடைசெய்தாய்? ]

Moreover, the fact that I had to find out myself that my blog is being “deferred”, and no proper response was given by your team led me to the posts which I did.  Even that I first did my complaint posts on my blog only, hoping that when your team tries to “evaluate” my blog, they will read it right away.  But days seems to pass and I did not get any responses.  It is in your mail dated Sep 03, which came 30 days after I found out that my blog is being deferred, that I came to know NOT all of you know Tamil.  Even now, I do not know when exactly my blog was deferred.

So I am wondering, just because someone complained, you deferred my blog, not even dropping a note to my email and did not give a proper explanation even after I inquired about while you were not able to understand Tamil!  A “Tamil Blogs Portal” deferred my blog without even reading it.  I’m sorry but I’m sensing something fishy here.

Just a note, that I did not get any email from you that my blog ஒரு பத்திரம் is rejected.  This is also I had to find out [by] myself.  The reason for rejection was stated on your website as follows:

Status Msg: As per our policy, we do not include blogs primarily written for the organizations. Contact us if our understanding is wrong. – Support Staff.
You may contact us with details if required”

It is for this string of email communication that I’m writing this email.  Again, I am totally lost when did “Tamil Eelam” become an “organization”.  If you know something that I do not know, please enlighten me.  Just to let you know, this blog has been approved my Thamizmanam and Tamilblogs.

Anyhow, I would recommend that when you defer someone else blog next time [or mine for that matter], please let the owner know and give proper explanation sooner than taking 30 days.

Thank you for your email and your support.



Re: Don’t provoke Tigers Tuesday, Aug 29 2006 

To: ‘[email protected]

Cc: ‘[email protected]

Dated: 2006/08/29 11:33 AM (GMT-05)

Dear Eric Margolis,

Re: Don’t provoke Tigers

First of all I would like to thank you greatly for understanding our struggle against oppression.

It is very unfortunate that not many Canadian journalists recognize the truth behind our struggle. In addition, many journalist now seems to portray Tamils as “Terrorists” as the Muslims have already been labelled. Tamils are fighting against the Sri Lankan government, which is 99% Sinhala, the majority ethnic group. The so called “Democratic” Sri Lanka has much greater hand on demonizing our struggle against oppression, and control the media. Since it is a government that Tamils are fighting, Tamils’ voice is less heard on the international media.

Tamils never did any “terror” acts in Canada, and never will. The media seems to portray Tamils as terrorists and dangerous people. When young Tamil Canadians were arrested and deported due to gang violence, Tamils stood by the Canadian government and they still do. I still don’t understand why all the nations that once fought with arms to get freedom now calls LTTE as a “terrorist organization”. In a way, Canada is also the cause of the recent violence in Sri Lanka. The outgoing chief of Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission, Brigadier General Ulf Henricsson, has said the ban by EU on LTTE has contributed to the collapse of the peace process. It is Canada’s decision to ban LTTE provoked EU’s decision. [See: Departing ceasefire monitor chief slams EU in gloomy Sri Lanka outlook ]

If I may, I would like to point out that Rajiv Gandhi was not a PM when he was killed. He was a candidate from the opposition party at that time.

I urge you to shed some light onto our freedom struggle in Canadian media and the publics and once again thank you very much for your understanding.


Dated:  2006/08/29 01:32 PM (GMT-05)

Right you are about Rajiv. Thank you.

Best Wishes

Eric Margolis

Letter to Kofi Annaan Wednesday, Aug 23 2006 

To:  Fax: +41 22 917 9022

23 August 2006

Mr. Kofi Annan,
Secretary General
United Nations

Dear Mr. Kofi Annan,

“No task is more fundamental to the UN than the prevention and resolution of deadly conflict.” – Kofi Annan, 21 March 2006.

This week, on 14 August 2006, the Sri Lankan Army under the directions from His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka sent Kfir jets which dropped sixteen (16) bombs on the Sencholai Orphanage run by the LTTE.  As a result of this deliberate targeting by the Sri Lankan Government, sixty-one (61) schoolgirls were killed and more than one hundred girls were injured.

I plead with you, Sir, there should not be any further senseless and cold-bloodedness killings in Sri Lanka.  The United Nations can no longer stand on the fringe and look on the carnage as a spectator nor give legitimacy to the Sri Lankan Government by giving her member a permanent voice in the UN Council.

I urge you to:

(i)    Send your UN representatives to Sri Lanka so as to prevent and resolve the deadly conflict in Sri Lanka between the Sri Lankan Government and the Tamil people;

(ii)    Sanction the Sri Lankan Government for their latest atrocity on the Tamil people using the powers available to the UN.

The ferocity of the 14 August attack indicates that the objective of the Government was to cause maximum possible casualties and the targeting of children demonstrates the intent of the Government was not merely atrocious and inhuman but genocidal.  The UN can no longer play blind, dumb and deaf to the long series of atrocities by the Sri Lankan Government.  Otherwise, the legitimacy of the UN as a whole is inarguably redundant.

(iii)    Offer the LTTE a legitimate representation on the United Nations Council so that the other party to this conflict will be addressed in order for a solution to bear fruit.

The Sencholai Orphanage is a well-known Humanitarian Zone.  The Sri Lankan Government has insisted that the Orphanage was a front for LTTE rebels.  However, UNICEF and the Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission (SLMM) officials have visited the Orphanage and have confirmed that all casualties were unarmed and innocent children.

Yours truly,

RE: Tamil Tigers on fundraising drive to finance renewed civil war Saturday, Aug 5 2006 

To:  [email protected], [email protected]

Dated:   2006/03/15 12:12 AM (GMT-05)

Dear Sir/ Madam:

RE: Tamil Tigers on fundraising drive to finance renewed civil war

I have read the article titled “Tamil Tigers on fundraising drive to finance renewed civil war” on Canadian newspaper National Post dated March 15, 2006.

I’m a Tamil living temporally in Ville Saint-Laurent, QC. I was living in Ottawa, ON before. My relatives live in Toronto, ON. To the extend of my knowledge there was no incident like you have described anywhere. I am deeply concerned about how much damage your article is going to do to our [Tamils] freedom struggle.

Freedom fighters never force people to finance. There are situations where people willingly finance. You must get the opinions of many Tamils, instead of interviewing only few of those hardcore Sri Lankan government/ Sinhalese supporters. Majority of Tamils live in Toronto within 3,00,000 Tamils in Canada. I urge you to see the big picture of our freedom struggle.

I have read the report Human Rights Watch. It talks about LTTE is asking money to visit Tamil Eelam. What is LTTE does different than any other democratic countries do? Isn’t it we have to pay to get visa to other countries? Even though Canada is the neighbouring country and partner in NAFTA, we still have to pay for visa if you are not Canadian citizen. Even if a Tamil from France has to visit Canada, Canadian government needs a reference letter from the Canadian. UK needs a security deposit. In all cases, there are some form of precaution. The people who are returning from Canada, holding a Canadian citizenship, to another country [Tamil Eelam], have to pay to stay in another country [visa]. What HRW has suppressed is that no money was asked if they hold a Sri Lankan passport. What is wrong in that?

Also read about meeting LTTE representatives inside Tamil Eelam. When a Canadian goes to Sri Lanka, they have to go to Canadian embassy before returning to Canada. So again, what does LTTE do different than a democratic country [Canada] does? The process of meeting LTTE representatives and getting “visa” for the period of stay is the same process that people take before going into another country. Since Tamil Eelam doesn’t have embassies around the world yet, that process is now happening inside Tamil Eelam.

In conclusion, I feel that HRW have missed many realities of Tamil Eelam and the struggle. USA had fought British to get freedom and I can list so many. The point is, as somebody said, “Its okay, if you do not help; but at least do not do any damage”. Financing could have been done in Canada, but it’s absolutely not a forced financing.


LTTE Saturday, Aug 5 2006 

To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Dated: 2005/09/29 04:11 PM (GMT-5)

To Whom It May Concern:

I have heard on the news that EU is planning to mark the Tamil organization in SL, namely LTTE, as a terrorist group. I am very much in shock to hear this news. I would like to let you know my disappointment to this movement.

I understand the world is on a roller coaster ride with terrorists groups. Nevertheless, LTTE is not an organization of terrorists. I am a Sri Lankan Tamil living in Canada. LTTE is our sole representative. I am sure you have heard why the LTTE is formed and grown to this stage. If there was no oppression against Tamils living in Sri Lanka, then there would not have been countries let Tamils of Sri Lanka in Open Visa during 1985. More or less, the situtaion continues, but the blood shed is not done publicly as it was during 1985.

Therefore, I beg you not to name LTTE as one of the terrorist groups. LTTE do not mercilesly kill just for the sole purpose of threatening, as other world terrorist groups do.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.


Dated: 2005/10/03 10:39 AM (GMT+1)

Dear Mr __________,

Thank you for your email of 29/09.05.

We have noted your comments.


Jolanda Bruynel
DG F – Information to the public
Secretariat General of the Council of the European Union
Tel.: +32-2-285.5650
Fax.: +32-2-235 4977
e-mail: [email protected]

India’s Vietnam Friday, Aug 4 2006 

To: ‘[email protected]

Dated: 2006/08/04 10:37 AM (GMT-05:00)

Dear Editor,

I have gained a lot of knowledge about the India’s stay in Tamil Eelam after reading your articles titled “India’s Vietnam”. I would also like to show my objection to the statement below in your link

“The entire IPKF operations were politically guided and intelligence oriented. The armed forces had little or no say. Or else, a full-scale military operation without the basic support arm, the artillery, would have never been launched. Tanks and APCs were not used. There was no air cover. Much later, an odd armed helicopter was brought in. ”

I was living in the Jaffna peninsula while the IPKF’s stay in Tamil Eelam. The first day IPKF rolled into our villages my mother, and I protested against the IPKF along with the villagers. We sat in front of a Tanker. Prior to this, I only saw Tanker as a form of a sticker in chocolate named Kandoz. I was very much excited to see the Tanker.

Later when LTTE was fighting with IPKF, we heard the sound of supersonic jets across our skies. This is the first time we were introduced to these kind of very high tech weaponries. By the time we hear the sound and look outside where it is, the jet would have been gone.

Addition to that, the sound of the firering helicopter brought dreadfulness to all our hearts. These helicopter’s had multi barrel machine guns on both sides. We were able to judge that these helicopters were far more dangerous than the ones Sri Lankan Air Force had.

It may be true that IPKF didn’t use the state of the art weaponries, but the weaponries used are never we encountered prior to the IPKF.

Sri Lanka Army should treat the Tamil people with dignity. Friday, Aug 4 2006 

To: ‘[email protected]

Dated: 2006/07/05  12:35 PM  (GMT-05:00)

Dear editor:

I sincerely thank you for publishing my article in your website. I have also amended a note, which you may post as comment.

Amendment I:

There was a report about child soldiers in LTTE. Before you start to think its bad, think why it happens. Why children go to work? Its not that they go there and play. The root cause is poverty. Now, think about NE areas. Even though the “poverty” reason cannot be ruled out, the majority of the cause is that they were affected by SLA. Children lose their father, mother, or relatives by the SLA firings/ bombings. Then they become LTTE to take revenge. So the welfare of the people should be elevated in the NE areas and the damage done to civilian families should be eliminated. This is evident if you look at Tamil children from other areas, where they do not join LTTE.

Hence, it is not wrong to say it is SLA and GoSL that compels people to become LTTE.


Disappointed with the service of BBC Tamil Service Friday, Aug 4 2006 

To: ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]

Dated: 2006/06/05 1:58 PM (GMT-05:00)

Dear Bernard Gabony,

I’m deeply disappointed with the Tamil news service, that is part of BBC, namely BBC Tamil Voice. Worldwide BBC has the people’s trust on news for its integrity and neutrality among other qualities. As part of the well known name, BBC, our Tamil service is heard by the Tamils around the world. In an effort to shed some light on to our freedom struggle in Sri Lanka, Mr. Idaikadar, a British citizen and recently re-elected Harrow Councillor, is also chair of the newly-formed All party Tamil Councillors and Associates, is doing a hunger strike for 101 hours. The so called “BBC Tamil Voice” has not addressed this remarkable effort by Mr. Idakadar on the news.

Being part of a name that we trust in news, BBC Tamil Voice should not behave biased on this matter. Moreover, BBC Tamil Voice seems to only address Sri Lankan state supported news and hence breaking the neutrality of the BBC.

My family, friends and I were deeply hurt and request BBC to address its neutrality in its subsidiary “BBC Tamil Voice”.

Thank you

You may read more about the hunger strike at the following URL:


Dated: 2006/06/06 8:52 AM (GMT-05:00)

Thanks for your communication. I want to reassure you that the BBC takes coverage of events in Sri Lanka very seriously. The BBC is the only international broadcaster with a permanent presence there and we cover the country more extensively than any other foreign broadcaster. I would like to reinforce to you that the BBC seeks only to report events in Sri Lanka and their surrounding context, in as fair and impartial manner as possible. We have reported recently on a wide range issues in Sr Lanka including Sri Lankan military activities,Tamil Tiger activity and the Norwegian sponsored peace process.

This is a difficult conflict to cover. Information and events which take place without journalists present are difficult to verify. All we are able do is to report the different accounts given by the different parties involved and where possible, give some assessment of their validity. For example the recents deaths on the Kayts islet emerged slowly over a number of days, but they were reported by both the Tamil and Sinhala services and then by the BBC Correspondent in Sri Lanka and BBC Online. The BBC has subsequently covered in detail the calls for an inquiry by the Monitoring unit, our correspondent Dumeetha Luthra went to Kayts itself the following week and reported for radio and online from there.

Nigel Chapman
Director, BBC World Service

Dated: 2006/06/06 9:14 AM (GMT-05:00)

Thanks for your prompt response. I really appreciate what BBC does and have no doubt that BBC will cover news unbiased. Our concern is about the BBC’s subsidiary “BBC Tamil Voice”, which broadcasts only Sri Lankan state supported news. For example, the hunger strike outside Britain’s Parliament done my Mr. Idaikadar’s has not been reported yet.

The 55-year old has triggered a veritable flood of support from our community. All our community people are disappointed by the BBC Tamil Voice’s stand on this issue. As I have noted in previous mail, not only this issue but BBC Tamil Voice has acted biased supporting Sri Lanka’s state supported news.

Nevertheless, thank you for your time and understanding our community people’s urge.




Thank You Andrew Mills Friday, Aug 4 2006 

To: ‘[email protected]

Dated:  2006/06/23  9:15 AM  (GMT-05:00)

Dear Andrew Mills,

I thank you for your visit to Sri Lanka and reporting on the issue of freedom struggle of our people. If I may, I urge you to visit SL Army occupied Tamil Lands and see yourself the peoples’ fear of SL Army. Our children are in fear to go to schools, since SL Army has occupied the schools itself or have sentry points in front of schools. These places should have been evacuated as it was agreed on the 2002 ceasefire agreement.

Thank you in advance.


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