Open letter to Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs: Hon. Lawrence Cannon Monday, Jun 1 2009 

Dear Hon. Lawrence Cannon,
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada.

You are one strong man, I had to admit. Canadian Tamils have been protesting since January across Canada to save minority Tamils from genocide in the hands of majority Sinhala led Sri Lanka.  We have protested in Vancouver, Ottawa,  Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, and many corners of Greater Toronto.  We have protested from the confinement of parks, and sidewalks, to open streets, and highway.

You are not even willing to listen to the genuine grievances of Canadian Tamils.  You have not even said a comforting words to the hunger strikers.  You have let down the very constituents that you claim to represent.  You are absolutely aware of the dire situation in Sri Lanka, still you kept your strong face away from Canadian Tamils!

Sri Lankan army has not spared even hospitals, as Defence Secratary Gotabaya Rajapakse confirmed in a news interview with Sky News, even hospitals were legitimate targets. Our family and friends were slaughtered barring independent journalist and non-government aid agencies from the so called “no-fire zone”, literally starving the Tamils.  The no-fire zone is actually a no-safe zone, as it was confirmed by satellite pictures from UN and US [UN Leaked – UNOSAT satellite imagery analysis implicates Sri Lankan Government of War Crimes, Satellite Imagery Offers Glimpse on Sri Lankan War Zone].  Sri Lanka did not even spare the hospitals inside the “no-fire zone” as it was witnessed by government official doctors.

While all these gross manslaughter of Tamils were happening, you – our Foreign Affairs minister – called “… LTTE lay down its arms“. The only force that has been fighting for the Tamils, while international countries maintained silence over genocide of Tamils had been called to lay down its arms and surrender.  The humanitarian crisis did not jolt the Conservative Canada to at least voice against Sri Lankan government.  Even world’s most busiest leader, USA President Hon. Barack Obama had taken the time to condemn Sri Lankan government’s indiscriminate shelling of Tamil civilians, but our Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Stephan Harper could only do, maintain his silence.  May be our Conservative Canada is trying to prove that it is not following the US at least in this matter.

Hon. Lawrence Cannon, as you called to lay down its arms, LTTE has done that.  Yes, they have done what you called on them for and look what had happened.  They were massacred when they surrendered [Tamil leaders ‘killed as they tried to surrender’, Tigers begged me to broker surrender].  Please Sir, you have not addressed the Canadian Tamil protesters, you have not voiced against the Sri Lanka, and when the Tamil leaders surrendered as you called for that, they were massacred.  What are you going to do for this war crime?  Where are you going to keep your face on this matter? Having successfully decimated the only force that was fighting for the Tamils, Sri Lankan government now embarks on ethinic cleansing in other Tamil areas as confirmed by aid agencies, which the Tamils were saying for few decades.

Please Sir, take some actions rather than words.

Thank you and looking forward not to your words, but actions.

Google செய்திக‌ள் Wednesday, Jul 23 2008 


Date:  2008/07/23 @ 6:45 PM [GMT-5]

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am very glad to find out today that Google News is given in Tamil as well.  I am a regular visitor of Google News, and this Tamil service would be a great help for me.  Thank you.

I also noticed, with a little bit of disappointment, there is no “standard section” for Tamileelam [த‌மிழீழ‌ம்].  Tamils around the world pay quite some time to read news about  த‌மிழீழ‌ம், as we emigirated from Sri Lanka as refugees, fleeing genocide.  It would be great use, if I and fellow Tamils around the world could get the த‌மிழீழ‌ம் in the standard section when you “Personalize this page“.

I have posted this letter on my blog at Google செய்திக‌ள்.

Thank you

My Two Cents for Tamils for Justice Wednesday, Jan 23 2008 

To:   [email protected]

Date:  2008/01/23 @ 2:21 PM [GMT-5]

Dear Mr. Bruce Fein:

I humbly thank you for taking the struggle of Tamils to the law offices of United States of America.  I read your press release TAMILS FOR JUSTICE ATTORNEY CHALLENGES FBI’S ASSESSMENT OF THE TAMIL TIGERS AND THE GOVERNMENT OF SRI LANKA.  I would like to point out two things. 

First, as I am sure you already know this yet my two cents, FBI noted LTTE is responsible for assassinating two world leaders.  Even though they did not specify the names, I assume they are talking about Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 and Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa in 1993.  Rajiv Gandhi was not the leader of India when the incident happened.  He was a former Prime Minister, who lost in the last election but running again in the upcoming election. 

Second, the link to your site in your press release is incorrect.  The HTTP address should finish with .org and not .com. 

Thank you and I have posted this letter on my blog at My Two Cents for Tamils for Justice.



National Post’s false report Monday, Dec 3 2007 

To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Date: 2007/12/03 @ 10:54 AM [GMT-5]

Dear Editors,

I have known National Post as a very aggressive media against our Tamil Freedom struggle. But I am not understanding why National Post intentionally manipulates facts against Tamil ethnicity struggle.

I was reading your article TOUGH STAND TAKEN ON SRI LANKA. You have mentioned “Last week, events were held around Toronto to mark Tamil Heroes’ Day, which commemorates the anniversary of the first Tamil Tigers suicide bombing.” This is totally untrue. The Maaveerar Naal or Tamil Heroes’ Day is to commemorate the first death occurred in our armed struggle to freedom, after so many ahimsa protests were brutally beaten and so many anti-Tamil riots. This death is not a suicide mission. You may read about it at From Death of the First Hero.

I have previously sent a letter pointing out similar false reporting. You can view my letter at National Post’s racism.

There are more than 1500 Tamils were arrested in Sri Lanka just for being born in the ethnicity. Sri Lanka imposes emergency law almost continuously last two decades. More over, the state terror Sri Lankan government openly violated human rights, sponsoring paramilitary and deadly military to kill Tamils and political enemies. There is no single ban against the state terror Sri Lankan government. As a Tamil, my only single question is that when will you advocate tangible actions against Sri Lanka to stop the state terrorism?

I have posted this letter on my blog at National Post’s false report.


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03/12/2007 10:55 AM

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National Post’s racism Monday, Nov 12 2007 

To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

C c: [email protected]

Date: 2007/11/12 @ 8:10 am [GMT-5]

Dear Editors,

After reading Irwin Cotler MP’s letter to National Post editorial, I was shocked. I knew National Post had not so great opinion about Tamils freedom struggle, but I never knew it distors facts to tarnish our struggle.

To ask a question “Why the Canadian government had not put Tamils on the terrorist list?” is a blatant racism. A prominent media editorial board cannot be this ignorant. I have no idea why National Post delibirately twists the facts to impose a bad impression of Tamils, but to even misinform of a recorded meeting is way over the line. I am disgusted how National Post seems to be working on a political agenda to support the Sri Lankan state terrorists.

I would like to demand National Post to publish an appology for misinforming a recorded meeting and tarnishing Tamils image.

I have posted this letter on my blog at National Post’s racism

Thank you


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12/11/2007 8:11 AM

This letter was read by [email protected]

12/11/2007 8:11 AM

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12/11/2007 8:49 AM

What was the Globe thinking? Monday, Nov 12 2007 

To:  [email protected]

Date:  2007/11/12 @ 8:10am [GMT-5]

Dear Sir McKay,

I have read your letter to the editor on Globe.  Thank you for understanding the real situation of Tamils in Sri Lanka.  The Sri Lankan government being a state actor has higher voice and hence it has influenced main media with its false propaganda.  The ethnic Tamils’ cry is slowly reaching the international grounds.

Thank you and hopefully there will be freedom.

I have posted this letter on my blog at What was the Globe thinking?

CFRB’s NewsTalk Thursday, Nov 8 2007 

To: [email protected]

Date: 2007/11/09 @ 8:10 am [GMT-5]

Dear John,

I agree with your argument that “Desperation is no excuse for murder and mayhem”. But how can a tiny minority in a tiny island could do better when the state crushed their peaceful democratic efforts, as what Mandela and Gandhi did, in 1953, 1958, 1977, and 1983 with iron hand? [1]

Unlike in China (after Tienanmen square) or recent Myanmar, the international community did not react. As a result, the state terror went into high gears. Further, Canada is now home to more than 250000; most came here as political refugees, fearing Sri Lanka’s oppression.

LTTE is not the cause of the mayhem but it’s the product of state terrorism. When Tamils realized that none is willing to help, they started to build their own armed movement. If Gandhi could free India without ‘terrorism’, then why not Americans could not free themselves without being called ‘terrorist’ by UK?

If every country believes in negotiations, we all do not have to have military.

Tamil struggle to live free has started after the British left Sri Lanka in 1948. Sri Lanka was ruled by two kingdoms before the colonial powers took control and it was British who amalgamated the two administrations. When they left, they left it at the hands of Sinhalese majority. We have tried all peaceful protests, but they were met with state terrorism.

Tamils resorted to arms liberation as the last option. If the international community has the courage to force Sri Lanka to offer an acceptable political package, say as the province of Quebec, the bloodshed will stop.

I have posted this on my blog at CFRB’s NewsTalk



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Fri, Nov 09, 2007 8:10:03 AM

Bloomberg’s false statistics Friday, Nov 2 2007 

To:  [email protected]

C c:  [email protected]

Date:  2007/11/02 @ 12:12 pm [GMT-5]

Dear Camilla Hall,

I have read your article titled Tamil Tiger Political Chief Thamilchelvan Killed on Bloomberg.  You have mentioned “…Tamils, who make up about 8.5 percent of the South Asian nation’s 20 million people”.  I am wondering where you have got your statistics from.

The official statistic that Government of Sri Lanka uses was taken on 1981.  Due to ethnic conflict, there was no statistics were taken in North East areas of Sri Lanka.  The statistic notes 12.7 Sri Lankan Tamils and 5.5 Indian Tamils [1].  It is based on this statistics 22 Tamil member of parliaments were elected as the quota system is what in use in Sri Lankan electoral process.  If you are not using the official statistic that even the Sri Lankan government uses, then how credible your news source?

I have posted this letter on my blog at Bloomberg’s falls statistics.

Thank you


Sri Lanka and Monks of War Wednesday, Oct 10 2007 

To: [email protected]; [email protected]

C c: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Date: 2007/10/11 @ 8:04 am [GMT-5]

Dear Markham representatives,

As I am one of many Tamils from the Markham constituents, I would like to thank you for your continues sympathy and support of Tamils struggle to get freedom from the oppression of Sri Lankan state terrorist government.

Here are couple of non Sri Lankan documentary videos from YouTube to understand our reason for struggle. Buddha’s teaching of non-violence has been completely ignored by these power hungry/ racist Buddhist monks.

People & PowerMonks of War – 29 Aug 07 – Part 1 (Duration 12:29)

People & PowerMonks of War – 29 Aug 07 – Part 2 (Duration 10:28)

I have posted this letter on my blog at Sri Lanka and Monks of War

Thank you


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Why IRC refused to help? Thursday, Sep 13 2007 

To: [email protected]

C c: ’[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]

Date: 2007/09/13 @ 9:21 AM [GMT-5]

Dear Sir/ Madam:

I heard the news that P Nedumaran, head of Tamil National Movement, was arrested for his attempt to carry food, medicines, and other essential items for civilians in Sri Lanka, and later released. I was reading the news at IBN Live, TN’s Pro-LTTE leader Nedumaran arrested. I noted that they have reported as “…Indian Red Cross refused to carry supplies that his organisation had collected for the Tamils …”. I was wondering why Red Cross refused to carry already collected supplies for the needy.

As you are already aware, Tamils are immensely suffering from the oppression of Sri Lankan state terrorism. He has done the enormous job of collecting essential items and initiated the move to supply the collected. If an organization like Red Cross, which has the mandate to help the needy, could not help when help is already initiated, I wonder what is the real agenda of such organizations. I hate to admit that I am very disappointed in Red Cross’s decision and I think Red Cross should act to relieve humanitarian crisis unfolding in Sri Lanka rather than working on behalf of governments.

I have posted my letter on my blog at Why IRC refused to help?.

Thank you for your understanding.


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13.09.2007 10:12:46 Local Time

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