TamilOne, why not coverage nimirvu 2007? Wednesday, Jul 18 2007 

To: [email protected]

Date: 2007/06/10 @ 10:32 pm [GMT-5]

Dear Sir/ Madam:

I have been to nimirvu 2007, which happened yesterday [Saturday June 10]. I noticed TamilOne did not take coverage of the event.

The event highlighted the sufferings of academic community of Tamileelam. There was a very movable speech by Neethan Shan. I was wondering why TamilOne did not take initiative to take coverage of the event. The main purpose of the event seemed at aiming younger student generation of Canada to make them understand our Tamileelam struggle and need for our unity.

If I may, I humbly ask TamilOne to be united in our Tamileelam struggle and let our Tamil Canadian understand and support the need for an independent nation.


When is Canada going to act on Sri Lanka? Monday, Feb 19 2007 

To: [email protected]; [email protected]

Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Date: 2007/02/19 @ 10:20 am [GMT-5]

Dear Hon. Peter MacKay,

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada.

Britian is threatening to follow the footsteps of German to stop a grant of £41 million (90M CDN) to Sri Lanka. The reason being:

“…Britain claims that Sri Lanka is guilty of a significant violation of international obligations, particularly human rights, an instigation of hostilities and an unjustified rise in military spending. It believes that instead of spending the sum released on tsunami recovery and poverty reduction it has gone on a spending spree for military hardware and logistics.

Britian is the second EU country to take a stand along this line. Germany has already announced it was stopping aid and called on other EU countries to do the same. It looks like the international community is beginning to understand what Tamils have been saying all along.

Sri Lanka is a chauvinistic Sinhala government killing Tamils, not worrying whether they carried guns or not. Their aim is to eradicate Tamils from the island. Tamils need to be saved from the hawks of Sinhala Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan army should be evacuated from Tamils homeland, Tamil Eelam. Even Canada seems to take the side of the state terrorist, Sri Lanka. Canada followed the footsteps of EU to list, Tamils only hope, LTTE as a terrorist organization. Now EU seems to have realized its wrong-doing.

Is Canada going to continue its support to a state terrorist? Is Canada not worried about Sri Lanka breaking international obligations? Does Canada care about the Tamils humans rights in Sri Lanka? Finally, is Canada providing funds titled “Tsunami Aid” to Sri Lanka to buy military hardware and logistics to kill Tamils?

I have posted this letter in my blog at When is Canada going to act on Sri Lanka?.


The AIM Group and I Friday, Feb 16 2007 

To: [email protected]

Cc: ‘Graeme Fraser’ <[email protected]>

Date: 2007/02/16 @ 03:30 pm [GMT-5]

Dear Sir/ Madam:

Re: Missing pay

This is my third letter regarding this matter. Initially I sent the letter on January 04, 2007. Then I sent another letter on January 26, 2007.

I am missing my correct pay for the stat holidays. Following are the details:

  • For the week 42 [pay end date 2006-10-15], I was only paid 7.68 hours for the stat holiday.
  • For the week 22 [pay end date 2006-05-28], I was only paid 7.42 hours for the stat holiday.

The law is there should have been 13 weeks worked prior, to receive full stat holiday payment. I have been working for The AIM Group since January of 2006. Obviously, there are more than 13 weeks for the above mentioned stat holiday pay discrepancies.

Please consider this matter urgently and resolve this issue. Till date, I have not received any acknowledgement of re-paying the missing hours. I have posted this letter in my blog at The AIM Group and I.

Thank you and looking forward to have my money back.


From: Graeme Fraser [[email protected]]

Date: 2007/02/16 @ 04:03 pm [GMT-5]


This is and has been in the works and will be corrected. The accounting department has been quite busy with year end and taxation time (i.e. T-4 calculations).

In fact there is no law in regards to paying contractors for stat holidays. It is something that AIM does for employees after working 13 continuous weeks. The amount paid is based on a formula (rather complicated) involving working the day before and after a stat, and previous pay among other items.

I’m sorry for the delay but as I noted they are quite busy getting everyone’s tax information in order.

If you have further questions or comments, please give me a call.



Graeme Fraser
The AIM Group
130 Albert St.,Suite 126
Ottawa, ON.
K1P 5G4
Tel. 613-230-6991 Fax 613-230-7183


The Terror Posed By Sri Lanka’s New Anti-Terror Laws Monday, Dec 11 2006 

To: [email protected]

Dated: 2006/12/11 @ 9:30 am [GMT-5]

Dear David Poopalapillai:

I saw your Ottawa press release dated December 08, 2006 titled, The Terror Posed By Sri Lanka’s New Anti-Terror Laws. The opening statement of the last paragraph is “The LTTE has been fighting the Sri Lankan government for over two decades in the hope of carving out a separate state for ethnic Tamils in the northeastern region of Sri Lanka, citing systemic discrimination by the majority Sinhalese.” I do not think the phrase “carving out a separate state” is a good choice. This makes a feeling of Tamils as a seperatists. May be “… for over two decades for an independent state for …” or “…for over two decades in the hope of forming an independent state for …” would have been a better choice.

I am also aware, that CTC has been very active in Tamil community and giving great services. Please do not take my email as a downgrader. I have posted this letter in my blog here


Dated:  2006/12/12 @ 12:54 pm [GMT-5]

Dear ____________,

The CTC appreciates your enthusiasm for the cause and is pleased that you were passionate enough to write to us in response to a press release that we issued. Your suggestion showed both critical thought and dedication to the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils.

In restrospect, you are probably right. “Carving” connotes a more aggressive action than words like “forming” or “fighting for”.

We appreciate your suggestion and applaud your commitment. Thank you for recognizing the CTC’s efforts. Please feel free to contact us anytime. We will welcome your thoughtful input on future matters.


David Poopalapillai
Canadian Tamil Congress
[email protected]

Disappointed with TVi Monday, Dec 4 2006 

To: [email protected] and aslo submitted in the “Send Your Feedback” form.

Date: 2006/12/04 @ 09:11 am [GMT-5]

Dear Sir/ Madam:

I am very proud that there is a prominent Tamil TV channel in Canada that broadcasts more news and situation reports about our homeland, Tamil Eelam. Thank you for your great service.

Yet, I’m bit dissappointed with TVi that TVi had the “exclusive” right to broadcast Maveerar Naal in Canada. I think this event should not have been a commercial bargain. I think no one should have “exclusive” rights to broadcast this event. All Tamil TV channels should have given free access to this live broadcast.

By acquiring the “exclusive” right to Tamil Eelam’s National Maveerar Naal, other Canadian TV channels were seen as anti-Tamil elements. In turn, people will falsely assume other Canadian Tamil TV channels are supportive of Sri Lankan government’s propaganda, as I have assumed earlier. This is by far not a healthy Tamil media relationships.

I would appreciate if TVi would not acquire “exclusive” rights for any Tamil Eelam’s National events. I have posted this letter in my blog at Disappointed with TVi

Thank you


Re: Canada wants Lanka, LTTE to ‘build’ on Geneva II Wednesday, Nov 8 2006 

To: [email protected]; [email protected] [Hon. Deepak Obhrai]

Cc: [email protected]; [email protected] [Hon. Stockwell Day]

Date: 2006/11/08 @ 01:26 pm [GMT -5]

Dear Hon. Deepak Obhrai:

First of all, I would like to thank you for raising up the conflicts in Sri Lanka between Tamils and Sinhalese. I read an article about your statement in the House of Commons at Canada wants Lanka, LTTE to ‘build’ on Geneva II

Moreover, I also feel that you have not addressed the reality of the issue. Here are some points to ponder.

  • After the Canada and EU ban, Sinhala government started to increase the extrajudicial killings and offensives against Tamils.
    EU Tiger ban criticised [BBC Sinhala]

Please try to understand the depth of the Tamil struggle, and don’t try to view it as a terrorist problem and apply “war on terrorism” solution. “Sinhala state terrorism” is the root cause of the problem, and still it is a problem. I have posted this letter in my blog at Canada wants Lanka, LTTE to ‘build’ on Geneva II


Re: Canadian Tamils feel marginalized and muzzled Tuesday, Nov 7 2006 

To: ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]

Dated: 2006/11/07 @ 9:53 am [GMT-5]

Dear Robert Hepburn, and Jim Atkins;

Re: Canadian Tamils feel marginalized and muzzled

My family and myself would like to thank whole heartedly for publishing an article on the feelings of Tamils in Canada.


Re: Don’t provoke Tigers Tuesday, Aug 29 2006 

To: ‘[email protected]

Cc: ‘[email protected]

Dated: 2006/08/29 11:33 AM (GMT-05)

Dear Eric Margolis,

Re: Don’t provoke Tigers

First of all I would like to thank you greatly for understanding our struggle against oppression.

It is very unfortunate that not many Canadian journalists recognize the truth behind our struggle. In addition, many journalist now seems to portray Tamils as “Terrorists” as the Muslims have already been labelled. Tamils are fighting against the Sri Lankan government, which is 99% Sinhala, the majority ethnic group. The so called “Democratic” Sri Lanka has much greater hand on demonizing our struggle against oppression, and control the media. Since it is a government that Tamils are fighting, Tamils’ voice is less heard on the international media.

Tamils never did any “terror” acts in Canada, and never will. The media seems to portray Tamils as terrorists and dangerous people. When young Tamil Canadians were arrested and deported due to gang violence, Tamils stood by the Canadian government and they still do. I still don’t understand why all the nations that once fought with arms to get freedom now calls LTTE as a “terrorist organization”. In a way, Canada is also the cause of the recent violence in Sri Lanka. The outgoing chief of Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission, Brigadier General Ulf Henricsson, has said the ban by EU on LTTE has contributed to the collapse of the peace process. It is Canada’s decision to ban LTTE provoked EU’s decision. [See: Departing ceasefire monitor chief slams EU in gloomy Sri Lanka outlook ]

If I may, I would like to point out that Rajiv Gandhi was not a PM when he was killed. He was a candidate from the opposition party at that time.

I urge you to shed some light onto our freedom struggle in Canadian media and the publics and once again thank you very much for your understanding.


Dated:  2006/08/29 01:32 PM (GMT-05)

Right you are about Rajiv. Thank you.

Best Wishes

Eric Margolis

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