After posting this and sending the link to all offices of The Brick and submitting a complaint at the Better Business Bureau, The lady from The Brick called and offered to give me the warranty value sofa.  So within 30 days, I went and selected a new sofa and that got delivered.  Thanks for all for your visit to my blog.

By the way, here is a site that gave me ideas about The Brick’s warranty:

I bought 3 piece leather sofas [chair, lover seat, and 3 seat sofa] from The Brick on February 09, 2008 at the following location

Phone:(905) 629-2900
Fax:(905) 219-2871
Toll Free:1 (800) 991-0202

I also purchased an extended warranty of 5 years for this product, since I’m buying the leather sofa for the first time.   The salesperson assured me that if anything goes wrong with the sofa, they will fix it or replace it.  I thought I was making a smart choice.

I am very disappointed that the product just does not match up to the claims made by The Brick’s salesman. It has been less than 3 years and already the leather changed colour as a snake skin and started to peel off like in the following photos.

Leather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The BrickThe Brick's leather sofaLeather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The Brick

We notified The Brick of this problem.   They sent a photographer to take photos.  After few days they called us and told us that our 5 year warranty does not cover the “normal wear and tear”.   I told them that I’m going to blog about this.  The woman I spoke with did not worry.  Since it looked so ugly, we put a cover to hide it.  The interesting point to  note is that at home there is no child.  All 3 adults living.  Imagine this leather sofa used in a 2 children house.  This would have been ripped in 1 year.  Right now the leather from the seat ripped off on the 3 seat sofa like in the following photos.

Leather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The Brick

First it ripped along the stitches.  As we sit more on it, it started to make it path.  We notified The Brick again.  This time they told us to take the photo and send it.  By the time we took photos and attached it in the email and sent to them, one week passed by.  Adrijana Grujic [email protected] confirmed that she received the photos and its under review on April 30, 2011.  Now they said that it does not look like a “fresh rip” of the leather and hence it is not covered by the 5 year so called warranty.  When I told the woman I spoke to that I’m going to complain the issue to Ministry of Consumer Services, she did not even care.  In case you are wondering what is the original look and feel of the leather sofa, look at the last 2 photos from above.  On one side you see its thick brown without any snake skin scaling.  That was how the entire sofa looked when I bought it!

I have been The Brick’s customer for number of years and this is the 2nd time that I have been so disappointed with their products.  I request that they replace my 3 piece sofa as I not only spend more then $2000 on the product but I also bought the warranty for it spending $300.

I am enclosing copy of the Receipt for proof of purchase.

Do not buy The Brick's warranty

If you notice the bill, it includes

  • Full 5yr blanket coverage
  • Construction warranty
  • Master surface coverage