To: [email protected] and aslo submitted in the “Send Your Feedback” form.

Date: 2006/12/04 @ 09:11 am [GMT-5]

Dear Sir/ Madam:

I am very proud that there is a prominent Tamil TV channel in Canada that broadcasts more news and situation reports about our homeland, Tamil Eelam. Thank you for your great service.

Yet, I’m bit dissappointed with TVi that TVi had the “exclusive” right to broadcast Maveerar Naal in Canada. I think this event should not have been a commercial bargain. I think no one should have “exclusive” rights to broadcast this event. All Tamil TV channels should have given free access to this live broadcast.

By acquiring the “exclusive” right to Tamil Eelam’s National Maveerar Naal, other Canadian TV channels were seen as anti-Tamil elements. In turn, people will falsely assume other Canadian Tamil TV channels are supportive of Sri Lankan government’s propaganda, as I have assumed earlier. This is by far not a healthy Tamil media relationships.

I would appreciate if TVi would not acquire “exclusive” rights for any Tamil Eelam’s National events. I have posted this letter in my blog at Disappointed with TVi

Thank you