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Dated: 2006/08/29 11:33 AM (GMT-05)

Dear Eric Margolis,

Re: Don’t provoke Tigers

First of all I would like to thank you greatly for understanding our struggle against oppression.

It is very unfortunate that not many Canadian journalists recognize the truth behind our struggle. In addition, many journalist now seems to portray Tamils as “Terrorists” as the Muslims have already been labelled. Tamils are fighting against the Sri Lankan government, which is 99% Sinhala, the majority ethnic group. The so called “Democratic” Sri Lanka has much greater hand on demonizing our struggle against oppression, and control the media. Since it is a government that Tamils are fighting, Tamils’ voice is less heard on the international media.

Tamils never did any “terror” acts in Canada, and never will. The media seems to portray Tamils as terrorists and dangerous people. When young Tamil Canadians were arrested and deported due to gang violence, Tamils stood by the Canadian government and they still do. I still don’t understand why all the nations that once fought with arms to get freedom now calls LTTE as a “terrorist organization”. In a way, Canada is also the cause of the recent violence in Sri Lanka. The outgoing chief of Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission, Brigadier General Ulf Henricsson, has said the ban by EU on LTTE has contributed to the collapse of the peace process. It is Canada’s decision to ban LTTE provoked EU’s decision. [See: Departing ceasefire monitor chief slams EU in gloomy Sri Lanka outlook ]

If I may, I would like to point out that Rajiv Gandhi was not a PM when he was killed. He was a candidate from the opposition party at that time.

I urge you to shed some light onto our freedom struggle in Canadian media and the publics and once again thank you very much for your understanding.


Dated:  2006/08/29 01:32 PM (GMT-05)

Right you are about Rajiv. Thank you.

Best Wishes

Eric Margolis