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Dated: 2005/09/29 04:11 PM (GMT-5)

To Whom It May Concern:

I have heard on the news that EU is planning to mark the Tamil organization in SL, namely LTTE, as a terrorist group. I am very much in shock to hear this news. I would like to let you know my disappointment to this movement.

I understand the world is on a roller coaster ride with terrorists groups. Nevertheless, LTTE is not an organization of terrorists. I am a Sri Lankan Tamil living in Canada. LTTE is our sole representative. I am sure you have heard why the LTTE is formed and grown to this stage. If there was no oppression against Tamils living in Sri Lanka, then there would not have been countries let Tamils of Sri Lanka in Open Visa during 1985. More or less, the situtaion continues, but the blood shed is not done publicly as it was during 1985.

Therefore, I beg you not to name LTTE as one of the terrorist groups. LTTE do not mercilesly kill just for the sole purpose of threatening, as other world terrorist groups do.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.


Dated: 2005/10/03 10:39 AM (GMT+1)

Dear Mr __________,

Thank you for your email of 29/09.05.

We have noted your comments.


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