To: ‘[email protected]

Dated: 2006/08/04 10:37 AM (GMT-05:00)

Dear Editor,

I have gained a lot of knowledge about the India’s stay in Tamil Eelam after reading your articles titled “India’s Vietnam”. I would also like to show my objection to the statement below in your link

“The entire IPKF operations were politically guided and intelligence oriented. The armed forces had little or no say. Or else, a full-scale military operation without the basic support arm, the artillery, would have never been launched. Tanks and APCs were not used. There was no air cover. Much later, an odd armed helicopter was brought in. ”

I was living in the Jaffna peninsula while the IPKF’s stay in Tamil Eelam. The first day IPKF rolled into our villages my mother, and I protested against the IPKF along with the villagers. We sat in front of a Tanker. Prior to this, I only saw Tanker as a form of a sticker in chocolate named Kandoz. I was very much excited to see the Tanker.

Later when LTTE was fighting with IPKF, we heard the sound of supersonic jets across our skies. This is the first time we were introduced to these kind of very high tech weaponries. By the time we hear the sound and look outside where it is, the jet would have been gone.

Addition to that, the sound of the firering helicopter brought dreadfulness to all our hearts. These helicopter’s had multi barrel machine guns on both sides. We were able to judge that these helicopters were far more dangerous than the ones Sri Lankan Air Force had.

It may be true that IPKF didn’t use the state of the art weaponries, but the weaponries used are never we encountered prior to the IPKF.