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Dated:  2006/06/22  9:35 AM  (GMT-05:00)

Dear Sir/ Madam:

After hearing the interview with Thorfinnur Omarsson by CBC reporter. Even though I accept that he has maintained his neutrality, he has given a false statement. SLMM has already given a statement as follows:

“There are a number of indications that the GOSL is actively supporting the Karuna group. Known Karuna supporters have been seen moving to and from SLA camps, and it is evident that the security forces and police in some areas are not taking action to prevent armed elements from operating,”

I was shocked to hear how Thorfinnur Omarsson has totally said the opposite of this. I am very disappointed how the SLMM is switching tones when it comes to international media. Hence there arise the question of neutrality in the SLMM committee. This also raise the question of could this be the affect of European Union members in the committee?

I sincerely hope, SLMM maintains its neutrality and does not release different statements to different media. Thank you.