Desjardins and Disnat – Don’t even think about it Friday, Aug 12 2016 

There are tons of issues with Disnat. Yet, I was like, “they will improve”. So what triggered me to exit Desjardin’s Disnat? Instead of explaining, let me post the emails:

Dear Supervisor,

I have sent tickets & talked to your support personnel. On June 22,
2016 there were consecutive board lots sold lower than 4.58. At
least that’s what DDXtra showed me. Please see the attached
. I sent this to your support personnel and they replied
saying it wasn’t the case. In DDXtra it was showing 200 lots &
another 4200 lots consecutively. And I took this screenshot on June
30, many days after June 22. So either DDXtra is wrong or your
DDClassic- the web version your support personnel used to say it
wasn’t the case – is wrong.

In any case, DDXtra become not trust worthy. So I would like to get
my money back, if my stock would have been sold at 4.58 – even
though it went higher later in the day and high again on June 23.
That would be US $302.61

Otherwise, you leave me no choice but to transfer my trading account
and my Caisse accounts to another financial institution. There are
many other bugs in your system – e.g. some stocks doesn’t trade
until I submit a ticket, but what made me mad this time, that even
though I sent screenshots your support personnel kept on denying
until it is more than 15 days old and now the DDXtra doesn’t show
the June 22 chart.

I will look forward to your reply.

And their reply was

Good day,

Kindly note that the findings of the investigation indicated, as explained in the June 23rd email we sent to you,  that the order you placed could only have been triggered on the 23rd of June. Hence the activity you are referring to on the 22nd may have been erroneous. If this is the case, DisnatDirect cannot be held accountable for what could be considered erroneus information.

As previously stated, the activity for the 22nd of June does not show consecutive/board lot trades for this security.  In light of this situation, we are not willing to refund any portion of losses you may have absorbed because the trade was properly executed and our system worked as designed.  If you would like to file a complaint, simply register the latter with our compliance department.   You can send an email to [email protected] and we will forward this to the persons responsible for handling said matters.   Or you can consult our Handling of complaints section of the relationship disclosure document (, section 2.3, for more information.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Disnat team

Now you know why I decided to get the hell out of Disnat. I want the money I lost due to Desjardin’s Disnat’s wrong data on their Active Trader Platform US $302.61

So what triggered my blog post? Instead of explaining, let me post the emails:

I sent an email on Aug 2, 2016 at 12:58 PM

Hi Disnat Supervisor/ Director,

I see there was a charge of $10.00 for “REQUEST OF CHEQUE” on my July statement.

Please refund me the amount, as I’m dissatisfied with your service and that’s why I’m closing the account.

And the Disnat replied on Aug 2, 2016 at 2:26 PM

Good day,

We regret to inform you that we will not be refund the $10 cheque withdrawal fee. The fee was charged as per our fee schedule, which is indicated on our website.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Service department at 1-866-873-7103.


The Disnat team

So I replied on Aug 2, 2016 at 2:30 PM

In the wake of you are not willing to refund me $10.00 for the “REQUEST OF CHEQUE”, you leave me no choice but to publicize my troubled dealings with Desjardins.

I’ll post all my findings and proofs in my blog

And I will share in social media, and google AdWords.

Subject/title will be “Desjardins and Disnat – don’t even think about it”

Please pass this email to Charls and whomever it concerns.

I have sent an email to Disnat notifying of my blog post on Aug 13, 2016 at 10:09 AM. I have not received any reply so far. It was surprising to me that Disnat weighed to lose reputation online and social media over refunding the mere $10, even though I said I’ll publish all the issues with proofs.

I have sent the following email to Desjardins investment product Disnat's support team supervisor, and my Caisse account manager on July 17, 2016.

So after posting this and sending it to bunch of people [listed at the bottom of this post], someone from Desjardins customer service called. She said the Director has been changed [good for Disnat + Desjardins]. So they are making some radical changes and fixing things. Anyhow, she said they are abolishing the policy of $10 fee to send cheque. So I’ll be getting my US $10 in another cheque soon. 😉

To Whomever It Concerns,

Please prepare to transfer my Caisse account and Disnat DDXtra accounts to another financial institution, as I’m greatly disappointed by the accuracy and performance of DDXtra.

You can see my full conversation with DDXtra that triggered in the below email chain. In short, I am disappointed for the following reasons.

  1. Even though I had a screenshot of DDxtra, which I took 8 days after trading to prove there was 3 trading happened on the June 22, the Disnat personnel kept on denying. It was one of them 200 board lots and another 4200 board lots. Since the data was there on DDXtra even after 8 days, shows that there is no doubt that the trading wasn’t settled. DDXtra supervisor said it “may have been erroneous” and “DisnatDirect cannot be held accountable for what could be considered erroneous information”. What good an “active trader” platform, when the data is “erroneous” even after many days?
  2. New equities don’t start trading on DDXtra even when it is on RBC. Support says those stocks were not supported by DDXtra, and to the surprise, next day after I complained, it starts trading!
  3. When I signed up, Disnat site had DDPlus will get “Access to DDQUOTES”. When I asked for access they said, they no longer provide access to DDPlus customers – I was DDPlus customer at that time –  and they forgot to remove that from the website. After I stressed, they said, they make an exception and give access to me. Yet to this date, the website shows DDPLUS & DDXtra & DDWeb customers will get “Access to DDQUOTES”.
  4. Sometimes, I noticed the Open price of an equity is way off. I had to refer to my RBC and submit a ticket for them to fix it.
  5. One time, my Buy executed higher than the Day’s High. And the stock didn’t reach to my executed price for the next 10 mins. I’m not sure who is getting the profit here!
  6. Orders got rejected because of a bug that it required 9% more fund than what’s currently trading. After I submit bug report, they fixed it.
  7. I did a currency conversion from US to CA with Disnat support personnel on the phone to cover my fee and got confirmation number. The next day it said I still owe $1. When I called they said, the currency changed by the time the staff entered the order and submitted, yet I still have to pay the $1. After I fight with them that it is their staff did the transaction, they generously agreed to waive that!
  8. On your website it says, I will get “Canadian market depth (Level 1¾)” with DDXtra. When I called the support, they kept on saying it is not given for DDXtra. After so many phone calls & fights, they finally figured it out how to show it to me.
  9. STOP orders can only be set during normal market hours. LIMIT must be exactly same [not even lower] as the STOP. So if the price jumped you are stuck!
  10. After opening a Margin account, I had to request to allow SHORT orders. And repeatedly 3 separate days DDXtra rejected and I had to submit tickets before I was allowed to SHORT again.
  11. And last but not least, access to is revoked

As you can see, I had to fight to get even the basic functionalities that I signed up for. And on top of it, the platform is inaccurate and buggy. For each one of the items mentioned above, I had submitted tickets with screenshots, so I can send it to you if you insist.

So for all these reasons and other petite reasons that I haven’t mentioned here, I would like to transfer out of Desjardin. I will let you know which financial institution soon.

I have sent the link to my blog post to email addresses found on the following sites:

[Aug 17, 2016]

[Aug 19, 2016]

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada’s Inquiries and Complaints

[Aug 23, 2016]

Ontario Securities Commission’s Complaint, Tip & Inquiry
[Found in Contact Us page]

[Aug 25, 2016]

Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments

IIROC’s Customer Online Complaint Form

[email protected]

[Sept 12, 2016]

Royal Pine Homes need to put the washroom switches inside Saturday, Jul 20 2013 

I have sent the following letter to email addresses Rui DaSilva from Royal Pine Homes, Anthony Krimmer from Tarion, Ginette Bowen from Tarion, Sue Ritchie from Region of Peel, ContactUs form at Royal Pine Homes, and ContactUs form at Region of Peel.

July 22, 2013

Royal Pine Homes
200-3550 Langstaff Road
Woodbridge ON, L4L 9G3

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Washroom switches are outside

I am, [NAME], hereby requesting to fix the light and exhaust fan switches which are outside of my washrooms.

I am the house owner of [ADDRESS] – which I bought from you – Royal Pine Homes – got the keys on November 23, 2012. In my 30 day warranty form, I have submitted to fix the switches to the light and exhaust fan inside my main washroom in the 2nd floor and master bedroom ensuite rather than outside. It is very basic common sense to put the switches to the bedrooms inside the bedrooms, switches to the kitchen inside the kitchen, and so for living room and family rooms. I have never, personally, seen a house that has washroom switches outside of the washroom. It is really inconvenient and is a safety issue if the lights are switched off from outside while someone is inside. I have a toddler and an infant and I am already experiencing the lights turned off by my toddler.

When the serviceman from Royal Pine Homes came, he gave the reason, the switches cannot be put in close to water outlets. He told me that certified electrician checked this and engineer approved. Then I ask, how come they were able to certify and approve switches inside the laundry room and my powder room, which are incredibly closer to the water outlet than my washrooms?

If I have not received a communication from you to fix this issue within 10 business days, that is before August 12, 2013, I may consider filing a legal case, complaint to BBB, and/or post this development on my blog. And I might involve other Royal Pine Homes house owners regarding the safety of switches in their washrooms, powder rooms and laundry rooms. In my filing I may include legal costs, court costs, plus the interest and any liabilities regarding this matter in the court.

I have sent you this formal letter to the above mentioned address, email addresses of contacts – Rui DaSilva from Royal Pine Homes, Anthony Krimmer from Tarion, Ginette Bowen from Tarion, Sue Ritchie from Region of Peel, and posted online a copy on my blog at Royal Pine Homes need to put the washroom switches inside

  • I received the following reply back from Ginette Bowen, Warranty Service Coordinator, Tarion – on Mon 22/07/2013 8:31 AM

Thank you for your email. I will update the file accordingly.

  • I received a call from Royal Pine’s Vice President – Steve Carogioiello – on Wed 24/07/2013 11:20 AM

He did not even fully read my mail and he was in a rude manner threatening me to take down blog post, facebook post, and anywhere on internet within 4 pm today or he’ll go through lawyer.  I asked him first to read the letter and after he took some time to read, I explained and he still stood by the decision that switches for the washrooms cannot be put inside “because its too close to standing water”.  He said, even Tarion and everybody else in complete agreement with their decision.

I’m an average man wanted my damn switches to the washrooms inside [not outside].  They said, I have not specified this in my house contract I signed 2 years ago.  Come’on, do I have to specify each and everything where it goes?  Isn’t that common sense?

I’ll go home and measure the distance and post that and may be some electrician can comment whether its doable or not.

  • I received an email from Royal Pine’s Vice President – Steve Carogioiello – on Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 12:34 PM

Dear Sir, I am in receipt of your letter.

I am quite appauld at your efforts and the time your taking to pursue this alleged discrepancy!

Please find attached all the necessary documents you require, the first is the Tarion Warranty decision and the second is the Ontario Building Code. Hopefully this will satisfy you! And will stop your persistence in continuing to favor this issue!.

I urge you to refrain from posting anything on the internet, if you do not by the end of today, remove any and all blogs or advertisement posted as per your letter, you will leave me no choice but to commence a lawsuit against you for slanderous and defamation of Royal Pine Homes!

Please govern yourself accordingly !!

Attached:  Tarion Warranty decision and Ontario Building Code for Electric switches inside washrooms

  • Here is my reply to Steve on Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 10:50 PM

Hi Steve,

I just got back from my vacation, and pleased to find your email.

I saw the Building Code document and I measured my washrooms.  Here are the distances from the standing shower outer edge to the possible switch area directly on the inside wall of current switch area.

Main washroom in the 2nd floor

1 m 20 cm

Ensuite washroom in the Master bedroom

1 m 10 cm

Therefore, the distance is safe enough to put the switches inside the washrooms.

I am developing a brand new website for the domain <SECRET DOMAIN> with this case.  If I don’t receive a communication from Royal Pine Homes within August 23, 2013 I will release the website to the public.

If you do not trust my measurements, you are more than welcome to come and measure it.

  • On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 around 1 PM, Rui DaSilva – Service Manager – came to my house and measured the distances in the washrooms
  • On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 11:00 AM, I received an email from Rui, carbon copied to Steve

Hi [NAME],

I have recently spoke to my electrical company regarding your displeasure of having the light switches on the outside of your washrooms.

We are willing to help you out but to do so , you must call E.S.A Electrical authorities to give you a letter stating that we can install the switches on the inside of the washrooms. Please call E.S.A at 1877-372-7233(1-877-ESA-SAFE)


Rui Da Silva

Service Manager

  • I replied to Rui, after talking with ESA on Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 1:14 PM

Hi Rui,

Thank you very much and I’m glad we can work this out. Yes, I did call the ESA, and she said they will only provide those to licensed electrical company. Would you please communicate with them.

If they want to come in, they can come anytime.

  • A week passed, and nothing happened – no calls & no emails.  So I wanted to get some update so I email on Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 1:28 PM

Is it OK if I update my posts with the new emails?

  • Then I got a harsh reply back from Steve on Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 2:15 PM [the bolding of text is done by me]

[NAME] you post anything that is slenderize, derogatory, defamation of Royal Pine Homes, our reputation as a reputable builder, I will have my lawyers on you like a wet rag, do I make myself clear!! I’ve been following the emails, incredible the amount of time you are spending on this situation! Clear this up with Tarion and the electrical company, Royal Pine Homes has pride in building homes for over 35 years with an impeccable reputation with Tarion and Home buyers in the GTA.

Please govern yourself accordingly! I ask that you be very careful with what you post, I will be notified of the same!


  • For this, I again, politely replied my plan on Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 3:31 PM

I already sent the email to both of you, that ESA needs you guys to contact them. I refrained from posting the new emails and releasing the domain [SECRET DOMAIN] as a friendly gesture. I expect you’ll do your part.

Already, when people search for lyngate developments on google, they see my post in the first page.
if they search for royal pine homes lyngate development on google they see it as 2nd result
If I release the domain, it will be much more prominent and will the first result.

Please, all I want is the stupid damn switches to be inside as normal houses do. If I don’t get it, I’ll expand my propaganda, may be even pay google to advertise my post, and create a Fan Page on Facebook. In case Rui haven’t told you, I’m a Web Application Developer. I know exactly what to do on web. I can give you in writing, as soon as you fix the switches, I’ll remove everything and do not talk about you or your developer.

Now, if I don’t hear a good response, I may release the domain on Friday Sept 6th. By the way, I am yet to receive a formal reply to the the formal letter I posted to Royal Pine Home’s address through Canada Post.

  • On Fri Sept 06, 2013, I unveiled my secret new domain and sent an email to all the involved parties

Review of Dixie Toyota’s Parts and Service Thursday, Dec 20 2012 

Dixie Toyota
5500-E Dixie Road
Mississauga, ON  L4W 4N3

I would like to notify you of how bad experience I had with Dixie Toyota’s Parts and Service.  I bought my used 2003 Toyota Sienna in the beginning of this year and did Safety and Emission test at this place.  Ever since I have been going there.  Three times I went there because the engine light was on.  1st time they reset it – charging me $109.  Second time they put a new part – I paid that too.  Third time they reset again – charging me $109 again.  This is where I did all my oil changes.  Lastly, I did my oil change and engine light check 5 days ago, and yesterday, my van wasn’t starting.  It starts if you give accelerator, but then it stops when you take it off.  We called CAA to boost, but the guy was quickly figured it out it wasn’t the battery, but gas line had some problem.  I had to tow to some local mechanic – paying the $30 for extra KMs to CAA.  Local mechanic said, the gas line was pinched when they changed the filter – paying $80.  I had to take off leave from work, so much hassle – all because I thought Toyota Dealer’s service would be in excellent quality.

On top of this, my wiper blade was half ripped and the tire pressure was not enough.  Come on, I thought they check these things when they do Oil Change at dealerships.  What happened to their “courtesy check” and some 17 or 20 point checks?

When I fist did the Safety and Emission test at this place, they said it is a must I should change the front suspension and I did.  Guess what, they did not do wheel alignment.   I consulted a local mechanic and another Toyota dealer and both said it is a must if you change front suspension.  Then I took my van another day spending my time and did wheel alignment – paying of course.

I’m never ever going back to that dealer again.  I’m loosing my confidence in Toyota altogether as Toyota mechanics weren’t able to do a simple oil change properly and couldn’t able to figure out why the engine light was on. I wonder, Toyota does any routine check of their mechanics and dealer’s Parts and Service department.

This is the letter I submitted to Toyota.  I also sent this in email to: [email protected], [email protected]

This letter was read by [email protected]

Thu 12/20/2012 1:42 PM

This letter was read by [email protected]

Thu 12/20/2012 4:48 PM

I also received a reply from Toyota as follows:

Thank you for your e-mail.

We are sorry to learn of your recent experience at Dixie Toyota. We can certainly appreciate your disappointment and assure you that Toyota’s ultimate goal is to provide a positive experience to all our customers throughout the entire cycle of ownership.

As the Canadian distributor, we always appreciate receiving customer
feedback, even when it cannot be positive. Situations such as you
described are not taken lightly, as customer service and handling skills are very important to both Toyota Canada and to our dealerships. Every effort is being made to provide each valued Toyota owner with the ultimate service experience and we certainly do not wish to lose any of our valued customers.

One of the major elements in gauging our success in this area is evaluating customer feedback via letters, email and telephone calls, and taking appropriate action as necessary, including reporting to other departments
to refine or improve our processes. A copy of your letter and our
response has been forwarded to the appropriate departments within Toyota Canada.

We kindly suggest addressing your concerns directly with the Service Manager, Michal McDonald, at your dealership. We have every confidence that the management of Dixie Toyota will handle this matter in a professional and equitable manner.

As the VIN you have provided – VINNUMBER is not listed in your name in our database, we kindly ask that you provide us with your full address and telephone number so we can update our records and send you any necessary notifications.

Again, we apologize for this unfortunate experience and thank you for giving us this opportunity to comment. Although we cannot change the events which have taken place, we are hoping that this explanation and apology will help restore your faith in Toyota and our services.


John Ross
Customer Interaction Centre
Toyota Canada Inc.

For this I replied back:


I did talk with the Service Consultant about my 3 times engine light service, and he was like it could be every time there is a different parts problem.  I told him all three times it shows the same P code and he was like no the code does not mean only one part – one code could mean many problems.

Anyhow, thanks for getting back to me.  Hopefully, another customer does not get bad experience from a Toyota’s Parts & Service department.

And Toyota’s reply:

Thank you for your recent correspondence.

Please be advised that we have amended our records to reflect the information you have provided.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.


John Ross
Customer Interaction Centre
Toyota Canada Inc.

Later in the afternoon, I got call from Dixie Toyota.  He left a voice message on my work phone giving his name as Michal.  I called back and left him a voice message with my cell number and waiting for him to call back today.

I got an email from Mike McDonald on Fri 12/28/2012 1:44pm, and I’m waiting for his call after his vacation.


I am out of the office until Jan 02/2013. I know that we have each other messages and I would like to discuss this situation with you when I return next week, if that is satisfactory for you.

Please send me the best number that I can to reach you if it is not MY-CELL-PHONE-NUMBER or verify this number.

Thank you and have a great new year.


Mike McDonald

I am still waiting for the Dixie Toyota Dealer’s call and no communication as of now Jan 21, 2013.

Finally, Mr. McDonald called on Jan 28, 2013.

He said, he couldn’t find me in their system. He said, I wrote 2002 Toyota Sienna in the email [correct is 2003]. I didn’t check while he was on the phone, but later I checked and I correctly wrote 2003 Toyota Sienna in the email. He also mentioned that he doesn’t have my cell phone number. I was quick to say, he in fact sent me an email [see above] with my cell phone number. He still insisted to give me the phone number on profile. I said, I never give out any other number other than my cell. I asked him to check again. At last, he was able to find me in their system. These things are really nothing, but this affects the credibility and seriousness of the person about the issue.

Anyhow, he asked what has had happened. I explained the whole story from the beginning – long story short – he offered to inspect my vehicle for free. At first, I accepted this offer. After few minutes, I called and asked him if he can bear the cost of fixing the engine light issue, replacing any part. He declined. So I rejected his offer of free inspection. I told him, they inspected my van three (3) times. If their mechanics couldn’t figure it out in 3 times, its going to be the same in 4th time also. Besides, I would have to pay for any parts they recommend to change.  I would rather go to my new mechanic and check with fresh set of eyes.

Don’t buy The Brick’s warranty Saturday, May 14 2011 

After posting this and sending the link to all offices of The Brick and submitting a complaint at the Better Business Bureau, The lady from The Brick called and offered to give me the warranty value sofa.  So within 30 days, I went and selected a new sofa and that got delivered.  Thanks for all for your visit to my blog.

By the way, here is a site that gave me ideas about The Brick’s warranty:

I bought 3 piece leather sofas [chair, lover seat, and 3 seat sofa] from The Brick on February 09, 2008 at the following location

Phone:(905) 629-2900
Fax:(905) 219-2871
Toll Free:1 (800) 991-0202

I also purchased an extended warranty of 5 years for this product, since I’m buying the leather sofa for the first time.   The salesperson assured me that if anything goes wrong with the sofa, they will fix it or replace it.  I thought I was making a smart choice.

I am very disappointed that the product just does not match up to the claims made by The Brick’s salesman. It has been less than 3 years and already the leather changed colour as a snake skin and started to peel off like in the following photos.

Leather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The BrickThe Brick's leather sofaLeather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The Brick

We notified The Brick of this problem.   They sent a photographer to take photos.  After few days they called us and told us that our 5 year warranty does not cover the “normal wear and tear”.   I told them that I’m going to blog about this.  The woman I spoke with did not worry.  Since it looked so ugly, we put a cover to hide it.  The interesting point to  note is that at home there is no child.  All 3 adults living.  Imagine this leather sofa used in a 2 children house.  This would have been ripped in 1 year.  Right now the leather from the seat ripped off on the 3 seat sofa like in the following photos.

Leather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The BrickLeather sofa from The Brick

First it ripped along the stitches.  As we sit more on it, it started to make it path.  We notified The Brick again.  This time they told us to take the photo and send it.  By the time we took photos and attached it in the email and sent to them, one week passed by.  Adrijana Grujic [email protected] confirmed that she received the photos and its under review on April 30, 2011.  Now they said that it does not look like a “fresh rip” of the leather and hence it is not covered by the 5 year so called warranty.  When I told the woman I spoke to that I’m going to complain the issue to Ministry of Consumer Services, she did not even care.  In case you are wondering what is the original look and feel of the leather sofa, look at the last 2 photos from above.  On one side you see its thick brown without any snake skin scaling.  That was how the entire sofa looked when I bought it!

I have been The Brick’s customer for number of years and this is the 2nd time that I have been so disappointed with their products.  I request that they replace my 3 piece sofa as I not only spend more then $2000 on the product but I also bought the warranty for it spending $300.

I am enclosing copy of the Receipt for proof of purchase.

Do not buy The Brick's warranty

If you notice the bill, it includes

  • Full 5yr blanket coverage
  • Construction warranty
  • Master surface coverage

Open letter to Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs: Hon. Lawrence Cannon Monday, Jun 1 2009 

Dear Hon. Lawrence Cannon,
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada.

You are one strong man, I had to admit. Canadian Tamils have been protesting since January across Canada to save minority Tamils from genocide in the hands of majority Sinhala led Sri Lanka.  We have protested in Vancouver, Ottawa,  Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, and many corners of Greater Toronto.  We have protested from the confinement of parks, and sidewalks, to open streets, and highway.

You are not even willing to listen to the genuine grievances of Canadian Tamils.  You have not even said a comforting words to the hunger strikers.  You have let down the very constituents that you claim to represent.  You are absolutely aware of the dire situation in Sri Lanka, still you kept your strong face away from Canadian Tamils!

Sri Lankan army has not spared even hospitals, as Defence Secratary Gotabaya Rajapakse confirmed in a news interview with Sky News, even hospitals were legitimate targets. Our family and friends were slaughtered barring independent journalist and non-government aid agencies from the so called “no-fire zone”, literally starving the Tamils.  The no-fire zone is actually a no-safe zone, as it was confirmed by satellite pictures from UN and US [UN Leaked – UNOSAT satellite imagery analysis implicates Sri Lankan Government of War Crimes, Satellite Imagery Offers Glimpse on Sri Lankan War Zone].  Sri Lanka did not even spare the hospitals inside the “no-fire zone” as it was witnessed by government official doctors.

While all these gross manslaughter of Tamils were happening, you – our Foreign Affairs minister – called “… LTTE lay down its arms“. The only force that has been fighting for the Tamils, while international countries maintained silence over genocide of Tamils had been called to lay down its arms and surrender.  The humanitarian crisis did not jolt the Conservative Canada to at least voice against Sri Lankan government.  Even world’s most busiest leader, USA President Hon. Barack Obama had taken the time to condemn Sri Lankan government’s indiscriminate shelling of Tamil civilians, but our Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Stephan Harper could only do, maintain his silence.  May be our Conservative Canada is trying to prove that it is not following the US at least in this matter.

Hon. Lawrence Cannon, as you called to lay down its arms, LTTE has done that.  Yes, they have done what you called on them for and look what had happened.  They were massacred when they surrendered [Tamil leaders ‘killed as they tried to surrender’, Tigers begged me to broker surrender].  Please Sir, you have not addressed the Canadian Tamil protesters, you have not voiced against the Sri Lanka, and when the Tamil leaders surrendered as you called for that, they were massacred.  What are you going to do for this war crime?  Where are you going to keep your face on this matter? Having successfully decimated the only force that was fighting for the Tamils, Sri Lankan government now embarks on ethinic cleansing in other Tamil areas as confirmed by aid agencies, which the Tamils were saying for few decades.

Please Sir, take some actions rather than words.

Thank you and looking forward not to your words, but actions.

The World Bank has found pearl in Sri Lanka: Standardization and District Quota system for education Thursday, Apr 16 2009 

To: [email protected]

C c: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Date: 2009/04/16 @ 2:30 PM [GMT-5]

Dear Sir/ Madam:

I am very much disgusted reading one of your Feature Stories: The Pearl of Great Price: promoting equitable access to education in Sri Lanka over sixty years.

It is Sri Lanka’s quota system for education that infuriated youngsters of Tamils of Sri Lanka that now has ended up as a genocide. I am very much disappointed that the whole body did not know about this.

Please see below notes for further clarifications:
The uprisings in the North were also against elected governments because if you take the North and South, the bulk of the people were highly educated. In fact, until 1970 the bulk of the university entrants were from the North, then from the South. Mrs Bandaranaike’s Government, in 1971, introduced standardisation and the district quota system in order to enhance the opportunities for the vast majority from the not-so-developed areas to enter universities.

“The [1972] constitution also sanctioned measures that discriminated against Tamil youth in university admissions. Tamil youth were particularly irked by the “standardization” policy that Bandaranaike’s government introduced in 1973. The policy made university admissions criteria lower for Sinhalese than for Tamils.”

Hopefully, you will not build such a standardization policies in another country and ignite another civil war.

I have posted this letter on my blog at The World Bank has found pearl in Sri Lanka: Standardization and District Quota system for education.
Thank you.

Google செய்திக‌ள் Wednesday, Jul 23 2008 


Date:  2008/07/23 @ 6:45 PM [GMT-5]

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am very glad to find out today that Google News is given in Tamil as well.  I am a regular visitor of Google News, and this Tamil service would be a great help for me.  Thank you.

I also noticed, with a little bit of disappointment, there is no “standard section” for Tamileelam [த‌மிழீழ‌ம்].  Tamils around the world pay quite some time to read news about  த‌மிழீழ‌ம், as we emigirated from Sri Lanka as refugees, fleeing genocide.  It would be great use, if I and fellow Tamils around the world could get the த‌மிழீழ‌ம் in the standard section when you “Personalize this page“.

I have posted this letter on my blog at Google செய்திக‌ள்.

Thank you

My Two Cents for Tamils for Justice Wednesday, Jan 23 2008 

To:   [email protected]

Date:  2008/01/23 @ 2:21 PM [GMT-5]

Dear Mr. Bruce Fein:

I humbly thank you for taking the struggle of Tamils to the law offices of United States of America.  I read your press release TAMILS FOR JUSTICE ATTORNEY CHALLENGES FBI’S ASSESSMENT OF THE TAMIL TIGERS AND THE GOVERNMENT OF SRI LANKA.  I would like to point out two things. 

First, as I am sure you already know this yet my two cents, FBI noted LTTE is responsible for assassinating two world leaders.  Even though they did not specify the names, I assume they are talking about Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 and Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa in 1993.  Rajiv Gandhi was not the leader of India when the incident happened.  He was a former Prime Minister, who lost in the last election but running again in the upcoming election. 

Second, the link to your site in your press release is incorrect.  The HTTP address should finish with .org and not .com. 

Thank you and I have posted this letter on my blog at My Two Cents for Tamils for Justice.



National Post’s false report Monday, Dec 3 2007 

To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Date: 2007/12/03 @ 10:54 AM [GMT-5]

Dear Editors,

I have known National Post as a very aggressive media against our Tamil Freedom struggle. But I am not understanding why National Post intentionally manipulates facts against Tamil ethnicity struggle.

I was reading your article TOUGH STAND TAKEN ON SRI LANKA. You have mentioned “Last week, events were held around Toronto to mark Tamil Heroes’ Day, which commemorates the anniversary of the first Tamil Tigers suicide bombing.” This is totally untrue. The Maaveerar Naal or Tamil Heroes’ Day is to commemorate the first death occurred in our armed struggle to freedom, after so many ahimsa protests were brutally beaten and so many anti-Tamil riots. This death is not a suicide mission. You may read about it at From Death of the First Hero.

I have previously sent a letter pointing out similar false reporting. You can view my letter at National Post’s racism.

There are more than 1500 Tamils were arrested in Sri Lanka just for being born in the ethnicity. Sri Lanka imposes emergency law almost continuously last two decades. More over, the state terror Sri Lankan government openly violated human rights, sponsoring paramilitary and deadly military to kill Tamils and political enemies. There is no single ban against the state terror Sri Lankan government. As a Tamil, my only single question is that when will you advocate tangible actions against Sri Lanka to stop the state terrorism?

I have posted this letter on my blog at National Post’s false report.


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03/12/2007 10:55 AM

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03/12/2007 10:57 AM

National Post’s racism Monday, Nov 12 2007 

To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

C c: [email protected]

Date: 2007/11/12 @ 8:10 am [GMT-5]

Dear Editors,

After reading Irwin Cotler MP’s letter to National Post editorial, I was shocked. I knew National Post had not so great opinion about Tamils freedom struggle, but I never knew it distors facts to tarnish our struggle.

To ask a question “Why the Canadian government had not put Tamils on the terrorist list?” is a blatant racism. A prominent media editorial board cannot be this ignorant. I have no idea why National Post delibirately twists the facts to impose a bad impression of Tamils, but to even misinform of a recorded meeting is way over the line. I am disgusted how National Post seems to be working on a political agenda to support the Sri Lankan state terrorists.

I would like to demand National Post to publish an appology for misinforming a recorded meeting and tarnishing Tamils image.

I have posted this letter on my blog at National Post’s racism

Thank you


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12/11/2007 8:11 AM

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12/11/2007 8:11 AM

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12/11/2007 8:49 AM

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